Internet Marketing Louisville, KY

Alpha Media Louisville provides top notch Internet Marketing services for all types of industries.  Web Design, SEO, Link Building, Content Creation, Social Media and Internet Advertising are included in what you get with our services. Providing clients with QUALITY traffic to their website is top priority!  Just because your website has a lot of traffic doesn’t mean its the traffic you want.  Working with clients to make sure they are getting the right kind of traffic is what matters most.

Internet Marketing is a service provided to companies in order to communicate that company’s products, services and/or goods.  The services Alpha Media Louisville provides to all of its SEM (Search Engine Marketing) clients are: Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Press Release management, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Link Building, Paid Search Engine Advertising, and anything else that we feel is relevant.

It is very important to have all of the above services included in a contract when deciding on who you have provide you with SEM for your website.  Don’t let certain aspects of your marketing campaign slip through the cracks.  The fact of the matter is, that all of the services mentioned above will help your website generate traffic and leads in one way or another.

Email Marketing is very important to some local businesses, but not all.  Clearly defining your goals is the first step when deciding whether or not email marketing is right for your company.  Email Marketing can have very positive effects on some industries if done correctly, but can also have a very negative impact if done incorrectly.

Social Media Marketing has caught on and spread like wildfire.  While many companies spend money on Google Adwords or place ads on Bing or any other search engine; other companies have come around to advertising on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks.  This is another option that businesses have when it comes to advertising online, and while it is not for everyone, Social Media Advertising might be the right fit for your company.  We can help you determine if this option is a good one for your business.

Google Adwords is the granddaddy of all online advertising for many reasons.  Adwords really does work if done correctly, however this option can cost you a lot of money.  There are a lot of factors that determine how much money you will spend when running an Adwords campaign.  If you feel this option is right for your business, then we will sit down with you to determine the most effective budget to meet your needs.

For more information on Internet Marketing and which of our services will benefit you the most, please CONTACT US.