SEO Louisville, KY

What is Search Engine Optimization?  Search Engine Optimization is a service provided to increase your websites organic rankings.  Our specialty is Local Search Engine Optimization for small businesses in and around Louisville.  Local SEO is different from “National” SEO meaning different techniques have to be used.  Basic principles remain the same, but doing what is right in the eyes of Google and other SERPS is always the most important part of any Internet Marketing Campaign.

Google is where you want to be found… There are a few other search engines out there (Bing, Yahoo, etc) that do have some impact, but not on the same scale as Google.  When you start looking for someone to help with your SEO campaign, you need to make sure that they are reputable and follow the proper techniques.  Ask them for references!!! A lot of people have spent a lot of money to gain new clients, and quite honestly, they did not receive anything of value in return. ROI (Return on Investment) is the name of the game, right? Why pay thousands of dollars each month when your ROI is not good or even non-existent?

Alpha Media understands the importance of doing things the right way, so we will not take shortcuts and will not put your website in jeopardy of being banned from Google.  Google has continued to make updates on Panda and Penguin and there have been many websites seen their rankings continue to plummet.  Keeping up with the latest information is a major part of being a successful SEO company. We do not take continued education with Google lightly.  All of our On Page and Off Page SEO is done by the book, with no shortcuts taken.

Our techniques have been proven to meet Google’s standards and they get great results.  SEO is something that needs to be done correctly the first time or it can cost you a lot of time and money.  Partnering with local businesses in the Louisville, Kentucky area is our passion.  Watching local businesses grow is very exciting and we would like the opportunity to work with your company to help you reach the goals you have for your website and business.

What we guarantee….

  • Increase your local rankings in the major search engines
  • Submissions to local directories (Yelp, Foursquare and more)
  • Your website will meet all of Google’s standards
  • On Page and Off Page SEO for your website
  • Your website will be structured properly
  • Your website will increase from your current position in Google
  • Top Notch Customer Service: Call us anytime and we will answer your questions!!!

What we don’t guarantee is #1 rankings for any keyword in any search engine!  #1 rankings cannot be guaranteed regardless of what you have been told in the past. However, we will work very hard to get your website ranked #1 for any term you want!